About this Blog

We hope to be able to share our brilliant Men Behaving Dadly Challenges and help to encourage more men to get involved in their children’s learning.

We would love feedback on the challenges we have had so far and maybe receive some ideas for future projects.

Background to Men Behaving Dadly…

A different challenge is set each half term which will be something to make together at home. Children thrive from the one to one attention and getting involved is great fun.

Readymade items from the shops are not be allowed to enter so our families have to get their thinking caps on, be prepared to get messy and get making!  They can be as creative as they wish and we have seen some fantastic creations.

Families are invited to join us putting their work to the test on our Test Day. We have had a fantastic response in the past and hope our families will continue to enjoy the challenges.

Healthy and good hearted competitiveness is welcome…

Purpose: to spend quality time working with your child at home.

Aim: to produce a winning creation!