Dadly Disasters!

As a result of finally being on the making side of my first ever Men Behaving Dadly Challenge, I found myself smack bang in the middle of a mini Dadly disaster. Apparently dry rice and a 3 year old is a messy, mischievous mix; who would have thought?

I am sure there must have been far more Dadly Disasters over the years. Past or present, we would love to hear your home made, heart felt tales of the things that have gone well and erm, not so well!

Please leave a reply and share your Men Behaving Dadly stories with us.

Hello Hoola Hoopers!

Challenge – To make a hoola hoop.

Winner – The hoola hoop that rolled the furthest down our playground.

*Bonus points were awarded to those brave enough to hoola hoop, the more styles and hoola hoop tricks the more points.

Hoola Hoops on PhotoPeach

Story Time

Challenge – To make a short story (you may include home made props and can be in any form of media)

Winner – The story that is judged to be the best by our audience!

Box Car Racing!

We are put our Dadly’s skills to the ultimate test with our long awaited box car challenge.

Challenge – to make a box car

Winner – the car that crosses the finish line in the quickest time.


Box Car Races! on PhotoPeach

Quality time together…

Check out the pictures taken from our Men Behaving Dadly scrap book of all the families working together on different projects.
It looks like they had a lot of fun and also gave the children an opportunity to learn new skills, such as design and technology, using tools and being able to work in a real workshop!

Have you taken part in one of our challenges? Tell us what you thought by leaving a comment…

Working Together on Dadly Projects! on PhotoPeach


Challenge: To complete the superhero circuit and rescue your child
Winner: The superhero that makes it around the circuit in the quickest time!

Extra points for fancy dress costumes…bonus points for super pants on the outside of super outfits!
Superheroes! on PhotoPeach


HELP!! We have been on Space Missions and our Rocket has broken, can you make a parachute so that we can land safely on Earth?
Challenge: Your challenge is to make a Parachute.
Winner: The Parachute that falls the slowest and takes the longest to reach the ground.

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Challenge: To make a football to be tested by Liam Palmer

Winner: The football that withstands a penalty shoot out, that scores a goal and is judged to be the best by Liam Palmer!

Football on PhotoPeach