Fidget Spinner Challenge

Get fidgeting and get making your very own Fidget Spinner for our next challenge on Wednesday 27th September.

Challenge – to make a fidget spinner.

Winner – the fidget spinner that spins for the longest amount of time.

Join us at school to test your Fidget Spinners at 9.00 am.

Why not stay for a brew and blog after the event and let us know what you think of our challenges?

Tea, coffee and biscuits available for a donation towards school funds #theteamworks


STEM challenge!

Congratulations to Kieron and Dad for winning the STEM challenge. What a strong tower they made.

Challenge: To create a tower structure using straws and tape.

Winner: The tower that holds the heaviest cup before breaking.


The Superhero Crossbow!

The Challenge: To make a superhero crossbow that can fire a paintbrush.

The Winner: The team that successfully shoots the most villains for the most points.

Challenge Date: Monday 27th March at 2.00 pm.

Skipping Rope Challenge

The Challenge – To make a skipping rope

The Winner – The team that completes the most skips in 1 minute.


Flying Saucer Frisbee

Our next challenge is to create a flying saucer frisbee.

Frisbees will be aimed at planet targets to score points.

The winner will be the flying saucer that scores the most points.

Challenge date: Tuesday 22nd November 2016 at 9.15am.


The challenge: to make a pair of stilts at least 20 cm tall.

The winner: the team that completes the stilt obstacle course in the quickest time.

Test date: all entries to be tested in school on Thursday 13th October at 2.00 pm.


Our theme this half term is – Listen to your…ART!

Your child will have the chance to show off their art skills by creating a piece of art work to make into a jigsaw.

Challenge: To design and make a 12 piece jigsaw.

Winner: The team that completes their jigsaw puzzle in the quickest time.

Completion/Test Date: Friday 27th May 2016 at 10.00am

Santa’s Skateboards

The Challenge: To make a skateboard

The Winner: The skateboard that navigates around the festive course to the Norbridge Pole in the quickest time.