Fidget Spinner Challenge

Get fidgeting and get making your very own Fidget Spinner for our next challenge on Wednesday 27th September.

Challenge – to make a fidget spinner.

Winner – the fidget spinner that spins for the longest amount of time.

Join us at school to test your Fidget Spinners at 9.00 am.

Why not stay for a brew and blog after the event and let us know what you think of our challenges?

Tea, coffee and biscuits available for a donation towards school funds #theteamworks


14 thoughts on “Fidget Spinner Challenge

  1. Sebastian and Mummy really enjoyed taking part in the fidget spinner challenge! All the designs were amazing! Seb would like to make a chocolate spinner so he can eat it all up! Thank you for a lovely morning

  2. Today’s fidget spinner challenge was a great idea and lots of fun. Sophia enjoyed making loads of different spinners and after around 5 fails with unicorn mounds and card cut outs we made the pencil crayon one which was perfect as she wanted colourful and fun so adding the trolls head finished it off. Sophia enjoyed making it but she did have her heart set on a unicorn head spinner which failed time and time again. Great challenge once again.

    • Thank you for taking part and taking the time to leave feedback on your experience of the challenge. Persistence clearly pays off when making fidget spinners!

  3. Today’s fidget spinner challenge was fun and tasty, as we made a chocolate fidget. we used modelling clay and melted. We didn’t win but losing never tasted so good.

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